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Maximize Your ROI at Power Summit Phoenix

By Jena Coffie posted Jun 26, 2018 12:29 PM


Power Summit Phoenix
program committee member and pre-conference Academy instructor @Mico Yuk shares with the Power BI User Group (PUG) how to maximize your event ROI this October 15-18 in Phoenix, Arizona.

PUG: How important is it to stay on the cutting edge of technology for you and your business? How can Power Summit help you do that through content?

MICO:  Today, technology is moving at the speed of lightning. At BI Brainz we have to stay ahead of our customers to ensure we are always proposing the best solutions in the market and maximizing the ROI of their existing technology investments. Power Summit is the perfect place to do that. By being exposed to real world use cases, proven approaches, future product roadmaps and new elements of the growing dynamics stack, we are able to provide cutting edge solutions that keep our customers ahead of the market.

PUG: To you, why is community one of the top reasons to attend this conference?

MICO: Studies show that people who attend conferences are 50%+ more likely to get promoted or to get a new job. Networking is the key to growing both professionally and personally. While online networking is great, as someone who has attended conferences in over 15 countries, I can attest that nothing beats face to face meetings. One key tip is to be sure to read the bios of the speakers attending and set up a top 10 list of folks you have to meet with. Reach out to them online before the conference and set up a 15 min chat. I can guarantee you, this single step will double your ROI from Power Summit. 

PUG: Why is having access to Microsoft Engineers & Support Technicians important to you?

MICO: Getting a chance to talk to the actual engineers and support technicians is a game changer. Getting a first-hand understanding of their vision for the products and answers to my questions is irreplaceable. I would recommend having your questions ready ahead of time to maximize the discussion.

PUG: What is your best advice for Power Users attending Power Summit?

MICO: Focus on three things. Networking, Knowledge and Execution. Take the time to make a top 10 list of the people that you want to meet, the sessions you want to attend and a real time list of actions you will execute when you leave the event. Plan each day, leaving some open slots to meet new folks. Consider this to be your Power Summit super ROI checklist! Until you complete your checklist, avoid distractions at all cost.

PUG: Please share a “golden nugget” attendees will take away from your Academy session, The Art of Storytelling - Reports and Dashboards, that is not found in the event agenda.

MICO: When you get your data story correct, visualization is the easy part. Stop worrying about how to visualize your data. Focusing on the what, not the how, is the key to creating smart data visualizations.

Don’t miss Mico’s academy session, the full line-up of power content, and the chance to network with the industry experts at Power Summit Phoenix. Register by June 28th to save $400!

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