Focus 2018 Speaker Spotlight - Meagan Longoria

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By Quinne Germain posted Apr 05, 2018 10:38 AM


We spent some time with Focus Speaker and Data Platform MVP, Meagan Longoria to learn more about what we can expect during her sessions, “Documenting Your Power BI Models with Metadata You Already Have” and her hands-on lab, “Seven Design Concepts for Better Power BI Reports.” Join us at the event in Indianapolis, May 21-22 to attend these sessions.

Please share a “golden nugget” attendees will take away from your sessions that is not found in the session agenda.

In explanatory data visualization, good data viz isn't always shiny and complex. While our perceived effectiveness of a Power BI report is linked to how it makes us feel, at the end of the day our visuals should communicate information. If we fail at that, it doesn't matter how cool our Power BI reports look. There are often easy fixes to increase the efficacy of our reports, and I enjoy helping people understand and apply those techniques.

Aside from speaking, what you are most looking forward to about being part of Focus 2018?

I am looking forward to meeting and learning from others at the conference. I learn a lot about Power BI through my coworkers and colleagues at other companies. It's great to have some time to talk to other Power BI users and see what interesting things they have done lately. 

What is your best advice for Power BI Users attending Focus?

Talk to the speakers. Ask questions during or after the session, even if you are worried about sounding uninformed. This conference is for you to learn. The sessions will be very informative, but you can get even more out of the conference by chatting with speakers and getting your questions answered by speakers or other attendees. 

What’s on your personal Focus agenda? Share any sessions you don’t want to miss!

Power BI Governance and Administration with Chuck Sterling and Data Visualization - Think About What You Are Asking For with Dan Edwards


To learn more about the sessions offered at Focus, add on courses or to register, visit We look forward to seeing you in Indianapolis!