Power BI Black Belt Training Series - On-Demand Learning

By Rich Beliveau posted 08-20-2018 03:02 PM


This on demand series enables students to the complete class content online, anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.  This class format includes high quality videos streamed directly to your device, instructions for online labs, and additional helpful resources.  Students will progress through a series of modules responding to questions along the way.

Here’s how it works:

  • Start online with the #1 Blue Belt class, and build your skills as you work your way through the #2 Purple Belt, #3 Brown Belt, and finally to the #4 Black Belt class
  • You will receive access information within 1 business day of your purchase
  • You will have 30 days to access and complete the on-demand classes. If you need more time contact

Purchase the entire on demand series at once and save. 

What’s the difference in the belts?

There are 4 belts, one belt for each section. 

  • The first belt is the Blue Belt. In this section, you’ll receive an introduction to Power BI, start creating visuals and publishing reports. 
  • The second belt is the Purple Belt. As a rule, all data needs to be organized prior to building reports and dashboards.  In this section, you’ll start data modeling and be introduced to advanced visualizations and DAX (Data Analysis Expressions.) 
  • The third belt is the Brown Belt. This section continues down the data modeling path, using a more advanced approach to data modeling and DAX.
  • The final section is the Black Belt. In this section, you’ll learn about Custom Visuals, Sharing and Security.

Where do I start?

You only need to sign-up for the course and start watching videos.  The first section will walk you through where to get the software, sample files and anything else you may need to learn.

Class Overview: 

Below you will find details on each of the different belt series, by color. You will be required to start and complete the Blue Belt series before moving on to purple, and so on. This exciting opportunity allows you to push yourself (and your Power BI knowledge) to the next level. 

Blue Belt: An Introduction to Microsoft Power BI 

Get Data
Creating Visuals
Publishing Reports & Templates
Using Power BI Service
Using Power BI Mobile Apps
Overview of Microsoft Power BI (including Gateway)

Purple Belt: Data Modeling & DAX 

Introduction to Data Modeling
Advanced Visuals
Introduction to DAX

Brown Belt:  Advanced Data Modeling & DAX 

Advanced Data Modeling
Advanced DAX

Black Belt: Advanced Power BI 

Custom Visuals
Sharing Dashboards
Row Level Security
Apps and App-Spaces


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