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Managing Your Power BI Environment

By Rose Spitzer posted Sep 27, 2018 03:12 PM


Power BI has made it possible to build visually spectacular dashboards, dive deeper into data insight, and work more efficiently. Because of this Power BI is growing quickly and dramatically in use - which is exciting! 

As IT Admins exploring the use of Power BI in their organization, the problem isn’t in the solution’s features and functionality, it’s knowing how to encourage user adoption, with out creating a reporting jungle. Reporting jungles emerge out of the excitement of Power BI. There’s so much you can do, but it’s not in the quantity of reports you can pull, it’s in the QUALITY.

Power Summit will be helping administrators encourage user adoption, while taming their jungle of reports in the following three ways…

  1. Microsoft Power Series: Six Microsoft Program Managers will be joining us throughout the week to cover topics like how to use the unique strength of Microsoft Flow with Power BI to boost your business analytics and insights through automation and how to use the capabilities within Power BI to safely share assets and optimize usage.


  1. Power BI, PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow: Sessions at Power Summit span the Power Platform and its immense capability to empower everyone to innovate. Here’s just a sampling of what attendees can expect…
  • Power BI, Excel and Office 365: Unlocking the Value of Your Enterprise Data
  • Everything you need to know about Approvals using Microsoft Flow
  • Promoting and Governing Power BI in Your Organization
  • Refreshing Your Data & the Gateway
  • Advanced Mobile Options for Power BI


  1. Pre-Conference Academy:
    1. Want to encourage User Adoption and help your teammates get started? Get the full Power BI experience at @Belinda Allen’s Getting Started with Power BI Academy course, followed by@Mico Yuk's The Art of Data Storytelling-How to Create the Perfect Data Narrative & Visualize it!
    2. Already familiar? Then take a Deep Dive into Power BI with @Ted Pattison and Dive into the Low-Code/No-Code World of PowerApps & Flow with Daniel Christian.

Check out the full list of Academy Sessions at Power Summit.

Joining the experts in Power BI, PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow at Power Summit will sure to help you innovate.


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