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  • Hi if you use a Patch command you can amend the on select rule of the submit button to patch to your data source multiple times on a single click. You could wrap your patch in a forall function set against the products field and it will patch a single ...

  • Hello, customize the submit button or add the new one and remove the old one. OnClick run two separate flow to create to separate records. Cheers "Keep it simple, keep it faster" ------Original Message------ Hi all, Looking for some help ...

  • Hi all, Looking for some help guidance on how to split out 1 submitted form in my Powerapp, into 2 records in my entity in my common data service environment. To explain in a little more detail, I've listed the steps below: 1. Create a 'Lead' where ...

  • No integration with VSTS or DevOps. Simply go to your app list admin.powerapps select you app. On the top bar hit export. As easy as it is. ------Original Message------ So glad you guys have brought this topic up. Is there any links on how to ...

  • So glad you guys have brought this topic up. Is there any links on how to deploy Flow / Powerapps to different environments ? Also how does it integrate with source repository like VSTS  Thanks in advance  Shobha ------------------------------ Shobha ...

  • im using Flow extensively but i need some flows amending / new flows built that are beyond my ability (and i dont have the time). So i'm looking for someone who would like to work with us to help build some Flows for me - happy to pay of course.  Job ...

  • Within Flow i started to get my flows to identify where they are run. Then set a variable with the URL of the SharePoint site and any variables that hold information about the different environments. Potentially you could do similar things in PowerApps ...

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    RE: App export/import

    This is an interesting topic and something that is not discussed much by the PowerApps team. ALM in PowerApps is a case to trial and error it seems at the moment, but for me the Import/Export approach is designed to work within the same tenant and make ...

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    App export/import

    Hello, Let's say you want to move your app from DEV to UAT environment (ALM, subscription, company vs. customer env.). You will also need to change the databases and re-address DEV DB to UAT DB (or data source). Export/import is still in preview but ...


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    Welcome to the UK PowerApps & Flow User Group, part of the global PowerApps & Flow usergroups and UK Communities umbrella of user groups. We plan to meet every 6 week in cities around the UK to share our knowledge, ideas, and announcements concerning Microsoft Flow and PowerApps. All skill levels are welcomed. We have already held two UK Community days hackathons for PowerApps & Flow and plan to do more in the future. Some food will be served at the events!

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