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  • Hi @Gerald Nduaguba The below formula should help. DateValue1.SelectedDate + Time(Value(HourValue1.Selected.Value), Value(MinuteValue1.Selected.Value), 0) Where DateValue1, HourValue1 and MinuteValue1 are the names of your Date, Hour and Minute controls ...

  • Hi guys, I'm building a scheduling app. I have a date and time selector within a repeated table. My question is how do i save a custom time picked to a datetime column on a sharepoint list ------------------------------ Gerald Nduaguba Business Development ...

  • Kindly replace the double quote (" ") in front of the facilitator in your formula to what we have below: { '@odata.type': "#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference", DisplayName: "", Email: "", Claims: "", Department: "", JobTitle: ...

  • i have been able to create the repeated table with the combo box, my trouble now is getting it fixed to a collection value below are the images for further clarity.  This image above is my collection I get error on the combobox above ...

  • HI @Gerald Nduaguba , To use a people picker with a repeated table (which I presume you are rendering on a gallery), 1. Add a combo box to your gallery 2. Get the column name of a people picker field in your data source (which I also presume is a SharePoint ...

  • Hello guys, hope y'all doing fine during this isolation period, I have a question... I am creating an induction app.. The use case of the app go as thus; We also have two days induction programme for the new staff and the HR analyst has to manually ...

  • In addition, you can also check this, I think it has exactly what you are looking for ------------------------------ Babatunde Akande SharePoint Developer Lagos ------------------------------

  • If that is the case, you will need to use the Populate a Word Document action on Power Automate. This will require you create a template of the document you want to fill first on your Desktop Application of Word turning on the Developer option, input ...

  • I wanted to convert it to a word document as Part of the project flow requires that I send it as an attachment to a mail... I also know you can't open a word document in PowerApps as such I wanted to convert it to a pdf then view it In the app.. Thanks ...

  • First off, is there any reason you want to make it a word document first? If the aim is to be able to view it on PowerApps, I think you should just convert it to PDF directly. So to your question, you can create a PowerApps button trigger and get input ...


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    Welcome to the Nigerian Community of Power Platform Professional (Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agent) Professionals. We support each other through the journey of learning these business tools. Passionate about these tools? Join us now on our Kaizala group :  .

    We look forward to having you. :-)

    Group Leader: @Foyin Olajide-Bello

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