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Welcome to the Black Country PowerApps & Flow User Group, part of the global PowerApps & Flow usergroups and UK Communities umbrella of user groups. We plan to meet in and around Stourbridge, West Midlands to share our knowledge, ideas, and announcements concerning Microsoft Flow and PowerApps. All skill levels and experiences are welcome.

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  • Hi Matt, Thank you so much for the response which aligns with my own thinking. In my view Microsoft are shooting themselves in the foot. It's (at least appearing to be) increasingly cumbersome and expensive to use PowerApps and customers might start ...

  • Hi @John Jessen as far as I know the "free" licenses were disappearing​, although I can still see them in my tenancy at the moment. This might just be a hangover from my plan which renewed just before 1st October, so I'll see what happens next month. ...

  • Hi Matt, thanks for this. Would you know from a PowerApps licensing perspective if any paid license comes with free licenses to connect to Powerapps? E.g. a person creates something in Powerapps which is to be viewed by 4 people. The creator pays a full ...

  • To try and remove a lot of the confusion around the new licensing for PowerApps, I have written a blog to explain it. It even has a basic graphic at the end which I'll be including in some of my presentations going forward. Any questions, please ask. ...

  • Thank you so much for attending @Jason Brownhill . I have uploaded the sample Flows to the Library for you to have a look at. Let me know if you have any more questions and I'll look forward to seeing you next time.​ ------------------------------ Matt ...

  • Hi @Matthew Weston ,  Thanks for organising another great user group event last night - really informative sessions. Being more in the "Flow" space for the last 9 months or so, that section proved especially useful. Knowing there were smarter ways of ...

  • I find it really interesting watching Microsoft and the way that they position their products in terms of community adoption. You have SharePoint which has always had, and continues to have, a huge following in the community. The Power Platform has had ...

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  • I can quite often be daunting attending user groups if you're new to the technologies. For those interested, I will run couple of introductory webinars to help you understand the technology. Let me know if you're interested in taking part in these. ------------------------------ ...

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  • Hello and welcome to the Black Country chapter of the PowerApps and Flow User Group. The idea behind this group is to help build the community around these up and coming Microsoft technologies, for us to share ideas, knowledge and support circles. I ...


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