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  • Good afternoon,  would you be available to screen share or meet with me to help me figure out what the issue is with my app.  I embedded it in a sharepoint page using the powerapp web part and I want it to display as new form.  I did update the on visible ...

  • I had the opportunity to co-present with Laura Rogers on the PowerApps Community Call this morning. If you missed it and want to learn all about security trimming and securing your SharePoint based PowerApps then check out the recording! ------------------------------ ...

  • Hey April, ok I do not even know how to explain what is going on.  I created a new powerapp from a template of the list to see if maybe I could get things working but no luck.  Current settings OnNew:  NewForm(SharePointForm1_1); Set(varFormViewMode, ...

  • What happens with the code as you have it now?  It looks like it should function correctly.  You would want to put in code in the OnEdit property to navigate to the correct screen and then set the Items property of your form control on that screen to ...

  • I want it to go directly to the edit screen for that particular screen being worked. ------------------------------ Tangie Scott SharePoint Admin Tulsa OK ------------------------------

  • Are you wanting the app to always open up to that landing screen with the buttons regardless if they are adding a new item or editing an existing?  Or are you trying to get it to where if they are editing an item it goes directly to your edit screen? ...

  • Hey there! I am back still working on my app and I have 4 screens.  1st screen with buttons that navigate to the next screen.  The problem I am having is on edit. I am not sure how to set it up so that it pulls up the correct screen and data for that ...

  • Good morning April.   I have been on vacation.  The text fields are coming from sharepoint and set to the rich text edit status for that field.  As far as setting the button. I would like for it to only be approved by a specific person. I would like ...

  • I would think that in whatever system you're getting the data from must have the data in that field formatting as HTML.  Can you check the data source to confirm that there's HTML in the source? Regarding setting a field to the current user on submit.  ...

  • I have tried to reply back online but the site keeps crashing on me. Yes the items formula was missing! Thank you. But now I have another issue where my text fields display showing the <div> guidelines before and after my text. Also I am trying ...


  • UG Meeting August 7th!

    Hello Everyone!

    Our next user group meeting is coming up Wednesday August 7th from 11:30 - 1:30!  We'll be meeting at Explorer Pipeline and lunch will be provided (limited space available).  If you can't make it in person please join us in the Teams meeting: https://bit.ly/2LS3vJf

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