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Call for Proposals: Community Summit (Power Platform Summit) - Barcelona, Spain

Signup Deadline: Oct 27, 2019
Starts: Mar 10, 2020
Ends: Mar 12, 2020



Community Summit (Power Platform Summit) is the premier advanced-learning conference for Business Professionals using the Microsoft Power Platform tools. It will be held 10-12 March 2020 in Barcelona, Spain. The content designed for the event will be centered around the role-based persona's or tracks listed below.  

The programming team would like to hear, and will be very grateful for, your ideas for sessions at the conference. You can submit sessions you'd like to attend and/or sessions you'd personally like to present.  Please consider the tracks and track intent when submitting your submission. 

Deadline to submit a session proposal is 27 October 


Roles: Business Analysts, Power User, Business User, IT Admin, Data Scientist, Developer

Featuring the Microsoft Power Platform Tools and integrated products & topics: Power BI, PowerApps, Flow, SharePoint, Azure, O365, D365, Excel, CDS, IoT, AI, R, M, ML and more!

Levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced


Power Platform Summit Proposed Tracks: 


Focus: Create PowerApps that bring your data and your departments together

Empower your users and enable them to make better decisions by putting information and apps at their fingertips. Solve business problems using low-code/no code PowerApps that allow you to share and interact on any device. Learn how you can store your data in a standard format using Common Data Service, while keeping it accessible and secure.

Recommended for these Job Roles:

  • App Builder
  • Citizen Developer
  • Power User
  • Developer
  • Business User


Focus: Building and Designing Dashboards and Reports

Use any data, from hundreds of sources to easily create compelling, interactive visualisations. Every stunning visuals or valuable reports relies on good data which starts with importing, cleaning, transforming and modeling your data. This important step is where all good BI solutions start. Learn to take the hundreds of sources you need and how to properly prepare your data and uncover insights in the future. Then customise your visuals to fit your brand and your audience, including storytelling with data to drive even more impact. This track will offer sessions at every level to help you get started, or continue extending your skills by creating and customising.

Recommended for these Job Roles:

  • Business Analyst
  • Power User
  • Business User


Focus: Streamlining and Automating Your Business Processes with Microsoft Flow

In this track learn how you can automate business processes and increase efficiency while reducing costs within your organisation. Learn from other users how reworking some of your old processes and standardising with automation can make a large impact on the time your employees focus on the important elements of their role. Explore the many integrations that allow Microsoft Flow to expand this automation into the applications that you use on a daily basis.

Recommended for these Job Roles:

  • Business User
  • Power User
  • Citizen Developer
  • Administrator
  • Project Manager


Focus: Administration, Governance and Distribution in your Power Platform Environment

The era of digital transformations relies on getting data to the decision makers, making knowing how to accurately manage and securely share your data the key to empowering your business. In this track explore how to enable a mobile workforce, share content within your company, and learn best practices in advanced integration options, managing, configuring and securing your investments.

Recommended for these Job Roles:

  • IT Admin 
  • Power User
  • Solutions Architect


Focus: Data Science and Custom Development

This track contains advanced developer topics that will allow you to extend and customise your dashboards, apps and business processes. Dive deep into the latest technologies and advancements that make the Power Platform tools so powerful.

Recommended for these Job Roles:

  • Developers
  • Data Scientists
  • Solutions Architect
  • IT Admin


Volunteers Needed:

100 (93 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary




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