Triple bill: Featuring Mr Dang, the Power Rangers and PowerApps & Flow for Education

When:  May 2, 2019 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (GB)

For this User Group we are thrilled to announce the participation of the renowned Mr Dang who will deliver a remote session from Redmond. Brian Dang is a Community Program Manager on the Microsoft PowerApps team. As a teacher with no coding background, he had built PowerApps for the classroom in math, spelling, gamification, and more. Since then, he has joined Microsoft and is on a mission to empower others to have their own citizen developer journey. He will host a session entitled, Unleash the Power of the Power Platform. 


New updates to Power Platform can make your app development more effective.

 PowerApps already work across all operating systems, and now it’s possible to build responsive apps that fit all form factors. Mr. Dang will demonstrate how existing best practices carry over to make apps responsive. With this in place, there will be fewer apps to maintain.

 You will also learn about embedding Power BI tiles that react to interactions in PowerApps. This lets you pull in the best visuals that already exist in Power BI and combine them with the formulas you know and love in PowerApps. So you can create experiences that maximize the power of the Power Platform.


  • Meet Mr. Dang
  • Learn how to make responsive PowerApps
  • Extend PowerApps with Power BI tiles

We are also delighted to host Simon Owen, Senior Tech Business Partner for Digital Strategy at GSK who will talk about building capability and driving organisational change around the Power Platform in a Global Organisation in his debut session, GSK Power Rangers – The Journey from Zero to Heroes!


Simon will discuss how he and the team embraced the Power Platform to deliver value and capability in a novel way. Secretly working on their special powers until they were ready to unleash them on the GSK world and senior leaders! Getting to the stage where their actions have prompted them to be challenged with some of the biggest challenges to the Ware manufacturing site. It’s been an exciting journey and hopefully one that will be interesting, and leave you within fresh ideas to take away and try out yourself.  

And as if that weren't enough... Business Cloud Integration will also host a discussion of the PowerApp & Flow Solution they developed for automating University life. These are PowerApps developed to help students take the fast track in submitting financial forms and making essential grant applications.

There will be a demo and Q&A around:

Freshers powered by PowerApps 
- Paperless Student on-boarding Process 
- Notifications with the latest info to new students 
- Faculty Administration & Reporting 
- Demo as Student & Faculty 

Student Forms Automation in Flow & PowerApps 
- Showcase of a variety of Changes and Claim forms 
- Demo -> Financial Forms Submission & Allocation to grant funding 

Student Rooms Browser PowerApp
- Visual rooms browser for all student accommodation


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