Cambridge PowerApps and Flow User Group Inaugural Meeting

When:  Mar 14, 2019 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (GMT)
Welcome to the first ever Cambridge PowerApps and Flow User Group!  

18.00 - 18.20 Introducing the new Cambridge PowerApps and Flow User Group 
Welcome session from Sharon Sumner, CEO of Business Cloud Integration, including a discussion and presentation of their most recent PowerApps and Flow projects. 

18.20 - 19.10 From avoiding failures in Microsoft Flow to successful flows

In this session Flow MVP Pieter Veenstra will go through the practical issues every developer hits in Microsoft Flow. How do you make a flow bullet proof? This session will come complete with demos showing you how you can create your own robust flows. 

Beaming in from Bellevue
@ 19.10 - 19.30  we'll be delighted to host Jon LevesqueSenior Platform Evangelist for Flow at Microsoft as he updates us on all things Flow.  Then
@ 19.30-20.00 we'll be joined by Audrie Gordon for a Getting Started with PowerApps and Flow session (level 101) for citizen application developers. By day's end we'll have covered

-introduction to critical user interface components in PowerApps and Flow

-how to use templates in PowerApps and Flow to build beautiful and practical solutions in under 30 minutes

-how to build expertise using screen templates

-how to leverage other prebuilt components

-where to get help and training as you grow your skills

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