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I help businesses measure what matters. I work with business and IT leaders to identify, define, capture, and report on metrics and key performance indicators in a way that is actionable and leads to increased productivity and increased profitability.

My passion is using information technology to help solve real world business issues. I have built my career on my ability to discuss processes and objectives with the business and work with the technology teams to design and implement solutions.

My focus for a number of years has been data. In my current role, I am responsible for the development and deployment of business intelligence products for a national mortgage company. At a national staffing agency, I developed a business intelligence and dashboard reporting platform that allowed the company to provide on-demand dashboard reporting of key financial, sales, and operational metrics. The platform led to the development of a business unit that provided similar reporting for 30+ clients.

In my professional services role at a financial services software vendor, I was responsible for designing, developing, and implementing complex processes to convert data from older versions of their software to the current release as well as managing upgrades of the product.

I have the ability to understand complex business processes, analyze them, translate them into functional and technical specs, and work with the technical team to verify that the result meets the desired business objective. At a nat'l distributor of electronic components, I reported to the Sr. VP - Operation to oversee the technical aspects of automating a distribution center and interfacing it with the company’s ERP system because of my ability to understand both the business and technology sides of the project.

I began my career as a programmer/analyst. I learned that IT is more than just the application of technology to an issue. IT, done correctly, is the proper application of the proper technology to solve a properly-defined business problem.