Tim Peterson

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In a nutshell, I love technology and all it's potential to continue to build a better world. I'm a realist.  I know humans are "particular" and need to be accommodated through ever-changing work dynamics.  I'm a continuous improvement fanatic in both solutions and personal development.  I will keep investing in personal improvement to the day I die (or perhaps a few days before).  I geek out on process automation and am one of forty global members of the Nintex Virtual Technical Assistant (vTE) group.

I love to travel although I hate airplanes.  I love listening to music and have a variety of tastes in what I listen too.  I avoid hiphop and country as much as possible.  I love nature and get out into it as much as I can.  I'm a farm boy at heart living in the city and I will have a pint and good conversation with anyone but am not into big crowds.  I'm an outgoing introvert.